What our customers are saying

“Being able to leave my stuff safely in Bournemouth after finishing at university is well worth the money. The hassle of moving it all hundreds of miles home is no longer a problem and I can easily collect it when I'm back and ready to use it.”

Peter C

“Knowing that my work tools and equipment is safe and accessible at all times is a real comfort. I don't live close to my customer base, so having tools easily accessible in this area has saved me so much time and money.”

Richard G

“Fantastic service from booking, to liaising with us throughout contract will definitely use again and recommend.”

Tony H.

About SECURED SPACES - Elliott Road, Bournemouth

Our container storage and internal self-storage units offer an easy and seamless customer experience. Sign up in minutes and secure your space online. Transparent pricing, no hidden costs and flexible contracts make it simple to start using your secured space right away.

24/7 customer access and CCTV monitoring mean you have peace of mind that you can pick up and drop off your items anytime whilst also being fully protected.

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